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A question for HK G3 and clones owners


hi guys!
Since i cannot have a ready access to one, i would like you to check something for me.

I am looking into ways to mount a flashlight with no actual modifications t the rifle (for the sake of friends that will be wartime conscripts).
IIRC from my service and from what I see in pics, the barrel section in front of the handguard is not cylindrical but has a gentle slope forwards. So a barrel clamp mount cannot be used.
Next option is taping the flashlight on the right hand handguard edge where it meets the cocking tube/sight base. (handguard is the late trapezoid one)
I think there is a ledge there, big enough, and parallel to the barrel axis.

thanks for your time.

  While I do not own one,I have modified a number of them for lights with the parts below

bright item! and I am sure I would make at least two with a section of picatinny I have (will not risk buying gun parts from abroad).
I would guess the pin diameter is 5-6mm?
thanks Carl...

keep them coming guys!


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