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David in MN:
I'm a pretty good shot with pistols and shotguns but there's a big hole in my gun game. I've never really developed the "rifleman" skill. Yes, I have an AR with a red dot and I can make hits. But I want to be the guy who has pinpoint accuracy at range.

I plan to (later this year) buy a target .22 bolt action with a scope and set it up to do some basic work indoors over the winter and next year buy my .308 bolt gun. I don't need rifle recommendations (though I don't mind reading them) because I get a discount at Savage through a friend. So I'll train up and make my mistakes on the 22 and hopefully step into the 308 a jump up on the learning curve.

What I could use is a book or books about developing the skill of shooting. I'm not looking to be an expert shooting a .338 Lapua a mile (though I respect you guys). I need something to get me off training wheels and strong in fundamentals. When I did shoot pistols a lot I did drills and dry fire daily. When I got into shotguns I did changeover drills and sight picture work. I want the drills and practice that will make me solid with a rifle. And I want to avoid bad habits.

Any ideas? I'd love to hear them.

Check out the Leupold Academy if you wouldn't mind traveling to Oregon for a week.

David in MN:

--- Quote from: LVWood on September 18, 2017, 05:48:54 PM ---Check out the Leupold Academy if you wouldn't mind traveling to Oregon for a week.

--- End quote ---

I would but this pesky wedding ring.  ;D Seriously, I have a 2 year old to take care of so I doubt I can commit to travel. Would love to, though.

I'm in the same spot...   :popcorn:

This guy seems pretty good.

When it comes to town try the Apple Seed program. Everyone I've talked to who took the course said it was good.


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