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Why NOW is the time to buy AR's and 5.56x45 ammo:

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The Professor:

--- Quote from: FreeLancer on May 14, 2017, 02:22:10 AM ---Maybe I missed it on your other thread, but what's your crystal ball say about 7.62x51?

--- End quote ---

Currently, I'm on the fence about 7.62x51 NATO, right now.

To me, it's always been the ugly step-sister to 5.56x45.  Many factions in the military want to get rid of it, completely, on the Company Level.  Many feel the SAW, being chambered in the same caliber as the M16, and which needs no Assistant Gunner, adequately fills the needs of the squad and the GPMG needs to be relegated to either a Special Weapons Squad on the Battalion level. 

Others, like myself, see a distinct need for it, but with the recent changes to military-issued 5.56x45 ammo, that need is very myopic. . .saved for a time when we face a modern, organized military force.

The information for the previous recommendations does hint at the desire to limit units to one, primary round with increased lethality over the 5.56x45mm.  Support weapons would be chambered in the same caliber, but the weapons, themselves, would be built for heavier, increased fire and (possibly) longer ranges.  This would simplify logistics, especially in pioneer or far-forward units

However (and this is mere speculation, at this point), 7.62x51mm sales (and their respective civilian counterpart, the .308 Winchester) comprise a MUCH smaller portion of ammunition sales.  A guess would be that prices would increase, but not significantly so.  Your average shooting civilian buys fewer weapons in .308 Win and, I'd bet, the majority of those would be bolt action, rather than semi-auto.  As such, the average civilian would not put as many rounds downrange in a given year as would one who shoots 5.56x45.  Therefore, demand isn't so great.  It won't be difficult to fill orders for the 7.62x51mm as others.

So, I'd theorize that they will increase in price, but not significantly so.  There is no great surplus of 7.62x51mm, as we have with 5.56x45, and the demand will, most likely, remain constant, which is to say: comparatively low.  What you may see is (IF the military does away with 7.62x51mm as well as 5.56x45mm) there will be droughts of ammunition as the ammo companies determine appropriate frequencies of lot runs to meet existing demand.  So in the short-to-medium term, a slight increase in price and varying availability. 

If you shoot a lot, you may want to stock up, but I wouldn't get too stressed about it unless you're a HEAVY shooter.

The Professor

What is awesome to me as a Soldier
A new Rifle for the military in 6.5 !!!!
Sweet !!! Where is that thread ? Anyone have a link to the 6.5 trials first I heard of it.
I first joined th Militarybin 2001 shot many versions of the AR 16 A2 A4 full Auto Burst
Might make some upset but never felt the AR was a Great War fighting rifle or the 5.56 optimal
I think both are well suited to Police work.

  I picture a .308 X 1.5 inch poly cased ,brass headed cartridge for 2400FPS in a small Styer bullpup.

But I have seen what the .308 X 1.5 can do in a 14 inch TC Contender.

The Professor:
Something that recently was published:

The Professor

  You talked me into a Davis Defender with Gen 3 night scope that will arrive at the BOL later this month.


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