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Air sources for PCP? Shoebox compressor?

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+1 IA4L!  Just bought one from AliExpress after doing a little googling.  Chase required a 10 min phonecall to confirm I wanted to spend $350 w/a Chinese company (shipping is EXPENSIVE) and I guess I'll receive it in 2 - 3 weeks.  Will followup after I've used it a few times. Thanks again!

I believe that the Nomad Compressor shows promise.   I've been researching, waiting for some time. I knew about the compressor Jorge speaks of (the slingshot channel), been waiting a long time for a review type of video.  If it's Jorge approved, it's good enough for me.   So I've been saving, to buy that compressor and then I seen the Nomad.  After you calculate shipping etc, you're close to what the Nomad sells for.   I like the Nomad because it's small, self-contained and it can be run off of a car battery, I really like that part.   So I've changed "gears" again and really considering the Nomad.  Now I hoping to see a "real life" review of it but haven't found one yet. 

Have any of you heard of or have any experience with the Nomad?  I'd be interested in any kind of "real life" experience or knowledge you can share.

Nomad Compressor by Air Venturi

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Thanks for the links; I had picked up a PCP style pellet rifle to help control squirrels.  While not overly impressed with the max distance, but for short range work it worked well.

For the larger pellet rifles you can find bullet molds that could work with your rifle.  So you could recycle even the damaged bullets into new plinking rounds.

 Air Venturi Nomad 4500 PSI Portable Compressor while not cheap, does give easy access to compressed air.  There is a larger version of the compressor for about 2.6x the cost. (under  1300)


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