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How do I use a sling to stabilize an AR15 pistol while shooting?

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That is definitely a truck sitting right there. 


--- Quote from: Jack Crabb on September 06, 2016, 09:19:16 AM ---One method is to shorten the sling and push the pistol away from your body/against the sling. The push/pull tension in the sling is supposed to stabilize the pistol.

--- End quote ---

Yes, this is the standard approach. 

Rob Pincus teaches an interesting '3 point' alternative.  See here:

There has also been some pick up in the backpacking community as a pack friendly survival weapon.  They can be effective to 300+ yards prone using backpack as rest or crouched down using shooting stick. The shooting stick technique is similar to what is used for hunting revolvers and single shots.

OH,and they though I was joking when I suggested a bipod... :sarcasm:

Looks like one guy understands AR pistols here at least.I use the KAK brace for a number of reasons, but one reason is that it just looks like short AR stock. I beleive in aesthetic, and from and function is what I try to acheive. What I do Is use a dual point sling. Make it long enough to actually use it as a sling. If you want to keep it simple, just use a cheap ak sling with the leather tabs. my barrel tube is ten inches long and I fasten a handstop with a  quick release button on it, attach a se button with a sling loop ,and  then thread the ak leather tab thruough the rear of the KAK brace. then i adjust it so when i use the sling like a normal rifle, I can create enough tension with the sling at the back of my neck and the check weld to hold the pistol very steady it works as well as a rifle with buttstock in my opinion, you can compare your bullet groups from both types (rfle vs pistol) of AR's to verify what i said. i have a forward mounted red dot btw


--- Quote from: Carl on September 08, 2016, 06:36:45 AM ---OH,and they though I was joking when I suggested a rifle bipod... :sarcasm:

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