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Nutnfancy's take on the Fla. road rage shootings


1/2 hour long, but well worth watching:

My own take is that a defensive firearm should never be your only option. It should be your last option after everything else - including apologizing, begging and trying to run away - have failed. Although individual situations may be different, I feel safe in saying that interpersonal confrontations have a high probability of not meeting the deadly force criteria. Using or threatening deadly force under those circumstances will have very serious consequences to you and your family.

A good review, even for "experienced" concealed weapons carriers.


Jack Crabb:
I watched it last night. Very good info.

It reminded me of something Jim Grover/Kelly McCann said. "Don't go somewhere with a gun that you would not go without a gun."

Not a bad way for any body to spend 36mins. I don't think enough people taking classes hear/are taught the "dreadfullness" part of Nutn's video. You WILL forever carry that moment in your mind.


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