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Wife starting to appreciate having a firearm in the house

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T Kehl:
My wife has been raised in a guns are bad house and recently agreed to getting a deer rifle when a friend decided to upgrade and gave me a good deal.

Fast forward a couple months to last Wednesday night when we heard a gunshot a couple houses down (in the city, so pretty darn close).  She was very nervous, so I sent her and the baby to the best protected room and loaded the rifle just in case someone tried to find a house to duck into.  She was a little freaked by having a loaded gun in the house, but appreciated it's function.

After things calmed down, I made a point that it was important for her to know how to use the rifle and showed her how to load it and turn off the safety then had her repeat what I showed her.  Luckily she has been shooting the laser targets at Bass Pro and doing a good job, so I skipped sighting.  Learning to load is enough in the middle of the night. 

I did drop a hint that it would be much more effective to use a pistol instead of rifle in the house, so I may talk her into that or a shotgun in the future. 

It utterly amazes me that people are anti-gun until their lives are in perceived danger. I am glad that she understands that firearms protect us from those who would harm us.

Glad everything worked out okay for your household. 

Teach her to shoot & take the mystery & fear out of gun ownership.

My wife doesn't ask me anymore when she hears a bump in the night.  She grabs her gun & her cellphone & checks it out herself.

Sister Wolf:

--- Quote from: DeltaEchoVictor on May 09, 2009, 09:33:37 PM ---Teach her to shoot & take the mystery & fear out of gun ownership.

--- End quote ---

Or, even better (if you can afford it), get her a female teacher.  I learn really well from men/soldiers (I'm the only girl child in an extended family of 16 boys, so that may have something to do with it), but some women - especially those who are already afraid of guns - learn better when a woman is teaching them.  There's a sense of comradery there that people of the opposite sex just can't really duplicate.  And when you're nervous/scared, that comradery helps.  A LOT.

It is not a bad idea to have a little fear of guns, as long as the fear is not unreasonable.  Fear makes us a little more careful than if we did not respect the potential for danger.  I even have a little fear of the potential danger when driving my truck, which makes me put more energy into safety.


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