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First homestead gun

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On the other hand, skill with pistols translates better to rifles than vice versa.  When you are starting with next to no knowledge it is hard to mess up training since most everything is more than you had before.  Also remember that training is not a "check the block and done" type of thing.  Its definitely a journey where you have to decide how much you are putting into it.

I also high suggest Project Appleseed, pound for pound it is the best rifle marksmanship training you can get. If you dont possess a .22 rifle, when you find a shoot, contact the organizers of the event.  They will likely have access to a loaner rifle.

Hi All

Usually I would be one of the first to jump up and say buy a 22 rifle.

But with the supply of 22 ammo being similar to finding a unicorn I would say go to a 223 caliber bolt action.

It will kill anything the 22 will and more. Please note it is not so good as a squirrel rifle but you said you wanted it more for defense and to put down wounded animals.

223 ammo is fairly cheap, plentiful...well plentiful until someone sneezes in the Capitol and then all bets are off.

If the world goes to pot there will be lots of 223 around.

Just an opinion

The Spartan Dad:
Any reason shotguns were excluded over pistols and rifles? For me at least, I prefer a shotgun over anything else when defending our flock from predators.

Please note, at this point she's asking about which class to take, rifle or pistol, not what gun to buy.

 :popcorn:  I'm just here for the popcorn,for now.


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