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good bolt action rifle (im in austraila its all i can get)

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hi I am looking at getting my first rifle but being in Australia and our government pulled a false flag on us in the 90s and took our gun rights  >:(

so I a can get either a bolt action or lever action I will get more then one but what are some ones to look at ?

We have lots to hunt around my place from rabbits, foxes, roos to pigs and deer so I was looking for something of an all rounder to start with.

Thanks Michael   

my unprofessional opinion would be to get a .357 lever action, that way you can use .38 to hunt small game and .357 to hunt deer. But I am in no sense an expert and will probably get my ears chewed off ;)

I prefer a lever action over a bolt gun any day. I really like my Henry.

I plan to get this one for small game when the Hammer of Thor is not required.

What kind of distance for you shots. Over 200 yards I would look at the 270. Under a 100 yards, a 30/30. What really maters most now days is what ammo can you get there. The Mark 1 303 is a very nice gun. Are pumps legal? Can you hand load? Any center fire 22 for the small stuff and most 6.5mm and bigger for the big stuff will work.

My opinion if it was me..

I love lever action, so I'd get a .22 and .30 or .35.

Are shotguns available to you?

Speaking of the hammer of Thor, I once shot a partridge with a Winchester lever action 30-30...
I know.... WTF did you do that for and why? I was deer hunting and not getting any results..the bird landed on a branch so... I took the shot and hit the bird square, I found a few features left to stick in my hat.


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