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Morning Event Showed Need for Dual Non-lethal/CC carry

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The Professor:

--- Quote from: Beetlebum on August 19, 2014, 08:00:25 PM ---
I was a bit surprised, Professor, that you said several times as a citizen. I've never found myself in a situation that I had to protect myself of family even with a stern voice. While I'm glad I haven't and hope I never do, I'm worried it has/will lead to complacency.

Guess I'll be filling out my application and doing a little light training tonight.

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As I get older, I'm finding certain truths becoming evident.

One of those is that people find themselves in certain types of situations more and more as their life continues, even though they try to avoid it.   Some people are just lucky.  Some people are just unlucky.  Some find themselves in trouble while others can't seem to get into trouble no matter how hard they try.

It's sort of difficult for me to explain, but let me put it this way:  In the 90's, I was a cop.  After the first couple of years, I couldn't even go to dinner without running into some sort of situation that only a cop could have fixed.  Vehicle accidents, couples getting into loud, boisterous arguments in public, shoplifters when I'm at WalMart.  Hell, I went outside early one morning to put something in the trash can and walked up on a couple kids breaking into cars on the street.  It never stopped.

I had a friend who was a paramedic.  Same stuff happened to him.  He even went to dinner one night with his family and two tables over a pregnant woman's water burst and he ended up assisting the birth right there in the restaurant (the owner was NOT pleased).

My mother is an animal person.  A week doesn't go by that some animal doesn't show up on her doorstep (it's like they have some sort of noteboard somewhere with a map to her house and "FREE FOOD" written above it).  If an animal is injured anywhere in her area, it eventually finds it's way to her house.

As an armed citizen, I didn't go searching for trouble.  I do not want the civil problems that arise with a civilian (or even LE) shooting.   As another example: In my younger days when I was doing my Master's degree in Criminal Justice Administration, I was working as a Probation Officer.  A friend of mine and I decided to stop by a strip joint that made the best burgers (swear, it was for the burgers).  We went in, had our burger and fries and left.  As we were heading for the car in the parking lot, some guy comes running up behind us.  We both turned around and this guy stops about 15 feet away from us.

He starts blubbering "I ain't going back to prison, man.   You can't make me." 

I didn't recognize the guy, at all, but he reaches inside his vest and we immediately draw our pistols. This guy tries to turn around, slips on the gravel and starts backstroking, as if he were swimming through the rocks, away from us, yelling all the time "I don't wanna go back!  I DON'T WANNA GO BACK!"

He was reaching for his Probation ID card, apparently.  He was on another P.O.'s caseload and had seen me in the same office building.  He thought that we were there and saw him in the strip club (it served alcohol, so he was not supposed to be on the premises) and was going to turn him in.

Longer story short, he went back to prison.  If he'd have kepth his mouth shut and not done anything he'd have gotten away with it.

But the stuff just follows you around.

The Professor

From the Professor: "What happens, then, is they learn by experience that 99 times out of 100 (or more honestly, 999,999 times out of a million) that they don't have to shoot.  So, that millionth time results in an abberation to their experience, a total divergence from everything their experience has taught them and they get caught behind the loop."

+1 for  tremendous insight.


Good thoughts again, Professor.  I will have to give this some more serious thought.

MY thoughts as a vet with combat experience is if I mean to shoot you it is because it is warranted and I hope my decision is correct and I am willing to live with that. I would be filled with guilt if I had any other means to make sure that I prevented a death from happening.

I carry OC because when I carry a firearm I want options. If you sneak up and I feel threatened enough I will do what ever in necessary. If I end up taking a life in the need to end  a threat then I am alive and I would rather have life in prison due to a terrible court than be dead.

I see OC spray as a way to have a force multiplier in a place where firearms are not allowed and a method to prevent me from needing to use deadly force in situations where by law it could be legal but by ethics it is wrong.

I see the need for some form of ltl force. I thought Massad put it best when he said, "There is a lot of gray area between a kind word and a bullet." I hope I never have to use any of them, but I know at least one guy who ccws and carries pepper spray, and has had to use the spray. He would have been close to the line (either side of it) of justifying lethal force, but as it was, the cops that showed up congratulated him, and arrested the aggressor. Pretty much the end of the story for the defender. Lethal force would have been a totally different situation, even if it were justified.


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