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Ammo shortages (now 2016)? What are you seeing out there?

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Heavy G:
I'm not seeing any shortages of ammo, despite Obama winning re-election.  I think manufactures geared up big time for higher production.

What are you guys seeing?  I don't want to go out and buy a bunch of ammo when I don't need to.


Just went to our quaterly gun show here in Plant City and there was plenty of ammo. Better yet, the price had not increased. I did have a friend tell me their ammo went up five bucks but I don't know where they got it.

Not seeing an increase, in fact I have seen a lot of Black Friday specials on factory ammo that are lower than I've seen in months.  My brother just got his order filled on 300G .338 Lapua bullets that was on B/O for 6 months, which tells me that maybe they have caught up and are now finally able to ship the odd stuff.

At the local gun show 2 weeks ago ammo was being bought up faster then twinkies ;D One guy walked in with 10 thousand dollars and bought out a vendor. By sunday there was no ammo on the floor. My local wal mart has nearly empty shelves. Only stuff available is odd ball calibers.

Nothing really short here in the Springs.  Wal_Mart is out of a few ammo brands (Federal 55 grain .223) but most of them are things they are sold out of half the time anyway.

Sportsman's Warehouse- No shortages, no price increase I have seen.

Online- Even the cheap stuff is starting to come back at a bit of a price increase.  Initially all the Wolf and other el cheapo stuff that was not as bad as Tula (which largely stayed in stock)

Sales are definitely up, prices are up and I am not buying ammo right now (I have plenty), but it definitely isnt a crisis like the winter of ought eight - ought nine.


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