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Where is a good place to buy ammo?

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I purchased my last batch of Prvi 556 from  They were, maybe still are, shipping quicker than just about everyone else.

As far as ammo, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 5000 rounds spread between 223, .30-06, 9mm, 12 gauge and 22lr.  I don't think it is enough, but I purchase for shooting primarily.  If I can afford to store any non-perishable items in bulk today, I feel that I am money ahead tomorrow.  Buy today for tomorrow!

kaiservontexas:,,, or at a store/gun show is how I purchase my ammunition.

I have not purchased ammunition during the panic.


They sell by the case.

I try to have 1-2k per centerfire handgun/long gun, 500 per shotgun, 5-7k per .22......but I just purchased another 2 shotguns and 3 stripped AR lowers......dang, gotta buy more ammo.

one place to find the best price...  all I use  8)

I get mine here.

Unfortunately walmart has the best prices in town on the stuff they carry. Of course they will ask you all kind of questions and some ten year old zit faced kid will ultimately decide if you can buy it or not.


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