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Where is a good place to buy ammo?

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If you want large amounts of cheap ammo you are going to have a hard time finding it.

On the other hand, I can large amounts of premium self defense ammo for the same price I got it 6 months ago.

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Also...enough ammo? Well I think it largely depends on who you are and what you think your likely survival scenario will entail. For instance, I currently have around 400 rounds of 9mm with about 20 home defense rounds. Yet, I have heard this amount of ammo referred to as a 'cache' or 'stockpiling' ammo. I think I do not have enough. However, this is purely from a hunting perspective. I do not think I will have to fight of roving hoards of people. I think I will need bullets to catch some meat for food.

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The guy at Walmart told me people were stockpiling that bought one case of 9mm. 1000 rounds. I am a member of a shooting club and when I could buy ammo would use 500 - 1000 rounds a month. I shoot less now.

That is not a stockpile. Before I sold it all (in case the government asks  ;) ) I had about 1000 rounds of 9mm hydrashock and over 2500 rounds of 9mm FMJ, and probably 50,000 rounds of all types combined. I hardly consider that a stockpile when you have 20 weapons to feed and try to shoot often. The 1919 consumes a lot of 30-06, but once the belt is loaded its just fun.

If you are looking for premium ammo go with, they are great to deal with and have a decent supply.

If you are looking for target load, Georgia arms has reloads, but the price is up from 6 months ago.

The best place though is not online. When they get it in, Walmarts still sells 100 rounds of 9mm winchester white box for 19.97. I also scored 500 rounds of 223, remington 55gr for 8.47 a box of 20.


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