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blue and black concealed carry stickers

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What have you heard about these stickers? The ones with two black bars on top and bottom and a blue stripe in the middle? A cop told me they are no longer significant, especially if a cop runs your plates, in most states he'll see that you're a concealed carry permit holder and assume you're armed anyway.

I'm leaning towards avoiding any outside indicator that I'm armed.


The cop you spoke with is out of touch.  This sticker represents "The Thin Blue Line".  Another name for law enforcement enforcement officers.  I and many of my colleagues wore a pin like this on our uniforms.  I was a deputy sheriff.  This is not associated with concealed carry.

you may also see a variation of this showing a shield that is black on the right and left side with a blue diagonal line from right to left.  It may also have "1*" on it meaning "one ass to risk" (one asterisk).

Thanks - that's what I needed to know.



I always thought it had something to do with gay pride.


This looks neat though:


If I were a cop, I would assume EVERYONE had a gun whether a computer or a sticker or anything else was to indicate it. 

as a ccw holder, I don't want ANYONE to know I have a gun.  No gun club sticker, no nra stickers, infact no personalization to my vehicle at all gun related or not.  why tip my hand in any direction?


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