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10/22 Upgrade - Cheap and Easy (with pics)

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Sister Wolf:

--- Quote from: Roswell on January 21, 2010, 07:50:34 PM ---I am not responsible for anything you do, EVER

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Extremist!  Libertarian!  Freedom lover!  CAPITALIST!  ;D

Seriously, that's a fantastic quote that needs to be remembered. It's the only warning that any product should ever come with.  "Warning: We are not responsible for anything you do, EVER.  That is all."

Edit:  Oh, cool gun.  (what?)


--- Quote from: RipTombstone on January 21, 2010, 09:04:36 PM ---Another Tip: If you would add a set of sling swivels, of which the front one fits in the barrel band, you can use a Harris bipod or equivalent, and have full adjustability of the legs, etc. Some even swivel (if you need that).

+1 on the see thru scope mounts and the high cap mags. I have a pair of 30 rounders that I have had since I was in jr. high. I bought them at Walmart if that tells you how long ago that was. I love them rabbit hunting, as I dont have to mess with reloading and taking off my gloves.


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Actually, the bipod I installed has extend-able and retractable legs.

I thought about adding swivels and I may. However, I wanted all the mods in this to be easily reversible so as not to hurt the resale. I don't plain on reselling it, but I just wanted to show people that they can really improve an already accurate rifle without having to drill or do any other physical work to the rifle. True, I could get swivels that just mount to the band of the barrel, but I don't want to drill for a swivel in the back and I don't think I can anyway because the stock is synthetic. So, I just one see the point in spending $20 for one swivel. I am just going to get a nylon sling or better yet , make one out of paracord.

--- Quote from: joeinwv on January 21, 2010, 09:08:44 PM ---Great writeup - nice mods that are typical first adds to a 10/22.

All of my long guns get a sling. For the average, offhand field positions a sling offers more stability than just about anything else.

I do not use see-through rings. Typically, they are too tall for a good repeatable cheek weld and do not offer the speed of iron sites.

I have a Bushnell scope and have been very happy - great cost / value products. I used the Ruger base, which is okay and Weaver rings, which I will likely replace.

I recommend using factory Ruger mags - most reliable option I have used. Can be carried in speedloader pouches.

For the 10/22 - the newer already include the extended mag release. I also recommend getting or modifying the bolt release to allow you to pull it back to release. Finally, I like to install a bolt buffer. This is a plastic rod that replaces the steel rod in the back of the action. Reduces steel on steel contact and quiets the cyclic noise of the weapon.

I also like to do a little trigger work, I can recommend the VQ bolt handle and recoil rod, and either mod or buy an auto bolt release. Yours look to be the newer version, which has the extended mag release - otherwise, this is a needed add-on. I have the B&C polymer version.

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Thanks Joe.

Yes, it is new so it came with the extended mag release. I'll think about the other mods. I just wanted to show some stuff that could be done without really altering the factory settings.

--- Quote from: Nooch on January 21, 2010, 09:16:54 PM ---Roswell,

Great post +1.  Isn't it amazing what another $75 will do to a 10/22! 

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Thanks buddy

--- Quote from: Sister Wolf on January 22, 2010, 12:09:57 AM ---Extremist!  Libertarian!  Freedom lover!  CAPITALIST!  ;D

Seriously, that's a fantastic quote that needs to be remembered. It's the only warning that any product should ever come with.  "Warning: We are not responsible for anything you do, EVER.  That is all."

Edit:  Oh, cool gun.  (what?)

--- End quote ---

Thanks SW  ;) I agree that is the only warning anyone should ever want or need.

what is the what about?

So COOL! I truly love the ruger 10/22, even more than my sks's ;D

That's the great part of the 10/22 - almost everything is a drop in part, so it is very easy to get back to stock.

I have a bag of parts around here somewhere, and even if you do some trigger work - you can buy the hammer, sear, etc for minimal cost online.

I really recommend the recoil buffer - all you do is drive out the rear metal pin and insert the plastic replacement, about 10 seconds work. Even if you are not worried about the metal to metal contact of the stock part, it makes the gun even quieter. From the bolt you only hear a ka-chud, ka-chud, ka-chud.

Again, good post.

check out

read, watch video links, study the "10/22 action" forum, and then do a trigger job yourself (almost free!!)

you will be amazed at the before and after feel!!!


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