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10/22 Upgrade - Cheap and Easy (with pics)

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--- Quote from: ncjeeper on January 04, 2014, 12:19:57 PM ---Anybody have their 10/22 suppressed? Im thinking about sending in a form 4 and suppressing mine.

--- End quote ---

I have a takedown and one of the factory "tactical" models. Both take a suppressor and turn into powerful pellet guns. Nice combination if you have some .22 handguns to also use the suppressors on. All fun and cheap to shoot.

  The 10-22 bolt trick ,where you round the lower rear of the bolt allows much smoother and reliable action as the cocking of the hammer is then lighter and smoother. It is easy and can be done with a bench grinder and sand paper. Good photos on the linked page or Rimfire central page.

Saw this thread, necro'd it, and will go through it in a bit.

My 10/22 has a few things hanging on it, scope, laser, flashlight... fine, and works pretty well, but I find myself missing the way it felt when I was a kid.
Gonna simplify.

While I still plan on improving a couple things, I have a bolt buffer upgrade, and will probably get a decent trigger group, but I'm going to clear off a bunch of this external stuff. Ordered an aperture site set, and between that and a sling, it'll just look and feel like right off the gun store shelf.

I may hollow out the stock for a small onboard survival kit, plus a few rounds of ammo, but I like the idea of a less-threatening appearance (I do like my AR, though) in a rifle that's well tuned and better than original. If I don't feel froggy enough to dig out the butt, I may do something with the sling. I want to avoid any bulky junk though. This little guy is a pure joy in the woods when light and handy.


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