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I figured since others and myself are curious in building up their own AR-15 rifles that I would just start a thread on the subject. Otherwise I am liable to keep starting new topics about the same subject.

I figured it would be just easier for me to keep posting questions in one spot.

I have seen all sorts of instructions on assembling a lower. I have seen none on how to assemble a stripped upper receiver. I was looking at Noveske's website last night for barrels. I noted that they say get a armorer or gunsmith to install a barrel. I also noted Bushmaster, I have a new catalogue from them, mentioned nothing about gunsmiths and armorers with regard to their barrels. 

Anybody around here ever get a stripped upper assembled?


I saw this the other day, and thought I would share what I found.

Assembling an AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver 1 of 2

Assembling an AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver 2 of 2

This is probably the best resource for AR DIY... DIY Thread


And I thought had lofty goals.  :D Nice!

Hope I find a stripped Noveske at the gun show today. I shall soon be on my way!

I will leave with a question: who makes the best barrel? I am thinking either 18" or 20", and have no real opinion on twist. Though I am concerned if 1/7 twist cannot fire 55-62 grain rounds accurately. I keep reading that 1/7 is for 69-72 grain.

Sorry, thought I put it in the right forum...moved it over to the pictures and links page. I'll put one photo at the end of this post....

The faster the spin, the bigger the bullet....or so I've been told.  My 1 in 9's like heavier, my 1 in 7's like heavier.... ???  Theoretically, the more weight, the more spin required to stabilize the bullet.  Theoretically, the more spin, regardless of weight, may or may not stabilize the bullet.  You can push a heavy bullet fast enough to stabilize, or a light bullet slow enough......Yeah, what he sez. :-\   

 My opinion: You start with ammo you already own lots of (weight/type/caliber) to see what it does.  Cheap Remington 45g, premium Black Hills 77gr, buy a box, load something different, try them all.  Keep good notes, find what works then buy/make lots and keep them with that gun. What works great in that toy usually doesn't work with the rest >:(

Finding a load that works well with your setup is kinda like finding a baby food that stays in and doesn't come back up on your shirt.  Once you find it, everyone is happy. ;)

(Oh, asking best barrel is kinda like asking Ford or big deal if you're taking tires, but if you're talking trucks....things could get ugly ;).  White Oak, Mike Rock, Noveske, LMT, ........I could go on.  Kinda like ammo.  Wish I could give you a better answer, but you're talking to a guy that's had good luck with everything from custom cut to mass produced seconds.) Just depends on what you're feeding them.

Ok, I got my lower today. I did not find a Novekse. I did see a LMT but it was not a stripped lower. I saw some POF stripped lowers, but Spike's Tactical had the art work. The price was also right. I could wait and done a transfer, but I wanted to get this project started.


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