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Mossberg Magazine for 352KC - Only holds 5 of 7 rounds


A Mossberg 352KC has recently come to live with me.  It has a magazine the is supposed to hold 7 rounds, but I can only get 5 rounds in it.  I cannot find anything online about how to repair one of these.  Any help would be appreciated.

As a side note this magazine (and gun) will shoot .22 Short, Long & Long Rifle.  What (if any) reason is there to get .22S ammo?

My first recommendation is to see if you can't find another magazine for the rifle.

I did not see any on a quick scan using I would not recommending doing much more than cleaning and oiling (if necessary) the magazine to see if some crud was built up.

22 short is pretty much  not used for most applications.  Last time I remember using any was in a Rossi pump action where the distance to the target was measured in feet.    So if I had an indoor shooting range I might be able to see a desire for 22 short.

One of the better sites that deal with 22 of all shapes and sizes might be a good place to post 'help' request

Yes, with these older 22s rimfirecentral is best bet for accurate info.  Register there and do search for "mossberg adjustable magazines".

One quick thing to check is if it has the 22 short adaptor installed.  You would have to remove that to properly load 22LR.


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