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Browning A5 parts & service


Inherited 1947 Belgian Browning A5 12ga., very good condition. While shooting clays firing pin broke. Looking for parts mostly, and service. Browning gave reference to 1 shop in Missouri. Any other leads?

The Professor:
I think this is the part you need:

If nothing else, give their Customer Service line a call. They should be able to help you:

Customer Service:
M-F 8:00 am-4:30 pm ET

As to 'smiths who can do the work. . .what state are you in?

The Professor

Ironically, I was in Morgan, Utah shooting when it happened. They are supposed to have customer service there, but no help. I'm back in in Kalifornia now. They gave me address of shop in Missouri and will contact them.  I will try every resource I get. This was my dad's who passed at 99 last year. Want to use this a bit before I pass this down in a couple years or so. Getting all my other guns prepped w/ spare parts, cleaning kits, & accessories now for kids/G-kids. Kali now passed law on gun parts restrictions so everything will be included should I "get low" earlier than expected.


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