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Anybody have any experience with a Winchester 290? Mine keeps jamming.


Hey everyone,
I have a Winchester 290 that was my grandpas and remember him letting me shot it and he was always shooting gophers with it back like 31 years ago.  Well it keeps jamming.  I heard maybe get better ammo so I did and still does it.  Any other suggestions?  I see I can get parts for it but I wouldn't even know what part I would look for.  I would like to get it working better for just sentimental reasons.

Thanks in advance!

It could just need a good cleaning,  When was last time it was cleaned?  It can be a little tricky to clean fully because it has a bolt return spring that likes to fly across rooms.  Easy check is to get some gun scrubber and spray it in action.  If it helps then you should either carefully clean it yourself or have a gunsmith do a thorough cleaning.

If gun scrubber doesnt help it could be s mechanical issue.  But we will need more info such as how it is jamming.  Is the spent case not extracting?  Or is the round not feeding? Etc.

OK thank you!  Ill try cleaning it again and go from there.  Oh its not feeding. 

Sounds like it's an old gun so maybe it's showing its age, a bit like me..:)

Wow I tore it all apart not knowing anything and this thing is so easy!  Everything is just pins holding it together.  I tore it apart because when I pulled the trigger nothing happen.  I was like what and bang!  Like a second delay!  Turns out the part of the trigger was wore out some.  But it was a square piece pressed in.  I pulled it out and spun it around and works again.  And I notices some sheetmetal kinda thing the bullets would load into was bent and that fixed the jamming issue.  I cant believe how easy this is to work on.  Just thought I would update. 


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