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Ruger PC Carbine 9mm Carbine

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Ruger is releasing a new semi-automatic pistol caliber carbine.  Interestingly, along with Ruger SR series magazines, it will be able to take Glock magazines.  That is ballsy on their part, I like the moxie.  People are always asking what pistol is going to be the "Glock Slayer."  I personally think the answer is things like this.  Make Glock's accessories (cheap and ubiquitous) accessories for other pistols and carbines.  That will cut into their market share.  I for one would be far more interested in other platforms if my investment in magazines would still be worth something.

I am very interested in this gun. Ruger is the only firearms company that is really innovating.

I enjoy seeing the innovation coming out of Ruger these past few years.  They had gotten too bogged down with their traditional successes.

Not sure I need/want a pistol caliber carbine, but they sound like fun.  Interesting this version will use widely available 10/22 trigger components, and a variety of Ruger as well as Glock mags.  I've heard it is a bit heavy, but hopefully Magpul or someone will come out with a lightweight stock (folder?).  An adjustable or collapsible stock (ala M4) would make it much more friendly for youth and smaller women.

I hope Ruger sells a million of them.

That’s got California written all over it. Please do it in .40S&W, too!


--- Quote from: FreeLancer on December 29, 2017, 06:46:31 PM ---That’s got California written all over it. Please do it in .40S&W, too!

--- End quote ---

How so?  Isn't the removable mag an issue in California?  I thought the new regs made mags an issue even without a pistol grip.  If they are legal, then yeah, could be an excellent home defense carbine for CA.


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