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Please only post pictures of YOUR OWN FIREARMS. Not some collection you found on a Google Image search. All of us here know how to use a search engine.

Also, try to keep them under around 800 pixels wide if you can. Scrolling to the right is for chumps.  Also, please refrain from commenting on someones posting, if you want to discuss the firearm, PM the poster or start a new thread on it. 

Fingers off the triggers, folks.

I'll start us off:

Hi Point 995 Carbine
ATI Strikeforce Stock
TruGlo Red Dot Sight
ATI Tactical Buttpad
Bushman Parts Charging Handle
Bushman Parts Trigger
ATI Accessory Rails
CAA Short Vertical Grip
Leapers Flashlight Mount
ATI MiniMag Adaptor
AA MiniMag Flashlight
Nite Ize 1w LED upgrade w/ tailcap switch
Brownells Alum-Hyde II Matte Black on receiver cover, charging handle and OEM rails

It was my first build.  I was going for inexpensive overkill.

Patriot:Ex Machina:
My favorite AK.



My Hi-Point 995 Carbine

My Mosin Nagants, the M91/30 Rifle and the M44 Carbine.

Remington 870 Express 12 GA (Synthetic with extension)

Flashy, huh?

Pride and Joy: Winchester Pre-64 Model 70 in .30-06sprg.

One more for fun. I like to call it the evolution of Communist/Eastern Firearms:

M44 Mosin-Nagant of Izhmash mfg.
Nornico SKS


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