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Rapid .22 fire as defense... would it be useful?

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I know .22LR is possibly the last caliber you want to be shooting in defense of your home or BOL.  But lets say you are in a SHTF/EOTW situation... would firing rapid bursts of hollow point .22LR be worth anything to defend your domicile?  I've never been shot, but I would think that 10 of those little guys to the chest would make me turn around.  Maybe not though.  ???

The reason I ask is because you could stock up on thousands of .22LR for next to nothing.  I already have a few 25 round mags for my 10/22, and it wouldn't be that much money to stock up on more.  I do have an AR15, but I'd imagine in an EOTW situation I'd run out of .223 long before .22LR.

It's better than a stick. MANY people have died from the little round, it's probably down around number 7 or 8 on the "guns to have on me when the word ends" gun list but it's there.


I'm a much larger fan of the "one shot one kill" school of thoughts, but I know *I* wouldn't want to be shot by a 22LR!  Everyone needs a good 22 and plenty of ammo for it, especially if the SHTF; great for hunting and, as Roknrandy stated, better than a stick for defensive situations!

.22lr to the brain box is a very effective defense. I wouldn't want to be with out it in my SHTF arsenal. The biggest plus is the cost of stock piling ammo.


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