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I don't know the range intended for this target, but hey, it's free!  Thanks to Archer for hosting my files on his server!

Tim Suggs
Birmingham, Al. USA!

Hey that's a nice target.  Thanks!+1


--- Quote from: DeltaEchoVictor on November 28, 2008, 04:47:51 PM ---Hey that's a nice target.  Thanks!+1

--- End quote ---

And thank you Sir!  I've been in those situations where I wanted to sight in the air riffle, or the hatchet, or the chainsaw, etc., and then went, WAIT...  I don't have a target (other than the neighbors bbq grill).  So, now we do.  Print until yor silly in the face!

Tim Suggs
Birmingham, AL. USA!

Mr. Blank:
Try THIS if you really want to print till you're silly.  ;D

Here is another site to go to. It isn't as cool as Trioxin's because it doesn't have the pictures. Anyway happy shooting!


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