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GoTenna Mesh


Odin's Son:
So I've only found one thread about the GoTennas and it was before the mesh network was out.  I'm at least a bit surprised that i haven't seen anything about this product on here.  I purchased the 4 pack while there was a sale on and i'm not disappointed.  If you have never heard of these, check them out.  Here's a link to their website,     

A quick (very non technical what's what) is that these devices connect to your smart phone and then can "text" to each-other and even bounce or piggyback off any other ones around to get your message where its going.  No need for internet or cell service.

I work in emergency services and my team uses mine sometimes when we are deployed to disasters.  They're not perfect by any means but its a nice back up to our backup.   

Put one on a pole and use it as a central repeater


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