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For a long time I have been frustrated with Maxpedition.  They refused to answer my questions about Maxpedition products being sold in Walmart.  That changed today.  I was told straight out by Tim Tang (Maxpedition President) that Maxpedition is not selling their products to Walmart and that any Maxpedition items being sold at are being done by a third party and that Maxpedition is enforcing MAP.

I have sold nearly all my Maxpedition inventory and had given up on carry their products.  However, I may change my mind.  But I would really like to hear from the TSP community.  Please reply and let me know what you think.

According to the Walmart web site, Maxpedition items are "sold and shipped by eBags".

Yea, I see that now.  It didn't say that months ago when I checked.


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