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How often should I be checking back at the site for product listed as out of stock issues? Specifically I was looking to get the Magpul Art of Dynamic Handgun and some Sheepdog patches. Also, will the Sheepdog be offered in the SWAT color scheme?

Thanks, Looking forward to shopping with you!

I try to keep things in stock but sometimes can't.  A lot of time things are just not available at my manufacturers or distributors.  You can always send me an email and I'll check right away.

As it turns out the Magpul DVD's are shipping now and should be here next week.  Except for the new Long Range Tactical DVD.  It's not available yet.

Apparently, my inventory is off because I have three Sheepdog patches in stock.  I'm guessing my last order didn't make it in the computer.  I'll take care of it today. 

I wasn't planning on getting SWAT for the Sheepdog but can add it to my next order.

That's great, thanks for the answer.  A couple other sites were instock with those items, but I would rather send my business to a sponsor.  I'll place my order next week!


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