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Sawtooth Tactical Maxpedition Sale - 25% off!


Yea, while supplies last get any Maxpedition product for 25% off!  This is just for items in stock so don't miss out!

Sorry, no coupons allowed on Maxpedition items please.  If you do use a coupon your order may be delayed until we can resolve the issue.  At 25% off, plus shipping the items in, and the $5 shipping out, we might just break even. ;)


Still running the sale.  As much as I like Maxpedition I've decided to stop carrying it.  Why?  Because Maxpedition made a deal with Walmart and Maxpedition gear is now available on Walmart's web site and in some of their stores (SoCal I've heard).  The quality hasn't changed and it's great gear but I don't want Sawtooth Tactical to be selling the same items as Walmart.

Sometime soon, I hope, I'll be offering new bags and packs to replace Maxpedition.  It may not happen until after SHOT and the Outdoor Retailer shows in January.  I'd like to see and compare the alternatives before deciding in what direction to go.

I know 5.11's supply lines are less than ideal, but I've been really happy with the Rush 72 you got me a while back.

I'm glad to hear you like the Rush 72.

5.11 Tactical dealer policies are insane and I really don't want to stock their gear.  I don't mind occasionally ordering something if it's in stock.

Hopefully I'll have a much better idea of the future of "tactical nylon" gear after the SHOT show in January.


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