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old communication methods


ok..this will probobally seem stupid, but has anyone thought of flares or smoke signalling?
yea its old and limited to line of sight, but neither relies on electricity, which might help in a crisis.

i dont know, just an idea

Dirt Rider 3006:
Signal mirrors work great for line of sight morse code.

How about building fires on mountain tops... ;D

A low tech signaling method is definitely a plus if other forms aren't available, if nothing else as a back up, last ditch type of thing.

I grew up where our nearest neighbors were about a quarter mile away and our "neighborhood" was probably 9-12 square miles.  Everybody had a huge bell with a chain on it.  As kids we could all tell who's bell was who and when we heard it it meant to come home.

Pros: 2 mile range easy.  Does not require power. Decorative conversation piece.

Cons: Have to have a pre-arranged meaning.

In modern times I'd be more tempted to go with a CB base station.  You could power it easily off an invertor in your car in an emergency.  Again, you'd have to have neighbors that actually had CBs and kept them turned on, and with all the foolish chatter on the CB channels these days you can bet everyone would shut them off after a few days tops.


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