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TSP Special Deal #1


I'm going to try this again.  I have a special deal for you guys.  Get a Brunton Glorb for only $10.

But there are some rules:

1. Only available when added to an order (orders with just a Glorb will be refused).

2. Once they are gone then the deal is over.  Do not add to an order if there are none in stock.

That's it.

Now, what is a Glorb...  From Brunton:

--- Quote ---Glorbâ„¢ LED Lantern

Introducing the Glorb's alter-ego, Glorb-LED. A dynamic personal camp lantern offering the efficiency of LED technology with our classic styling and function. A two-position switch lets you choose from normal power or extra-bright while our inverse conical reflector bathes your campsite in bright white light.

Price: $30.00     


    * 5.7"x1.8"
    * 4 oz.
    * Runs for 250 hours on 4 AA batteries
    * Folding tri-leg base
    * Safe for hanging in tent or vehicle
    * One-year warranty
--- End quote ---

10 more just added to the new store.  ;)


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