Author Topic: "Rifleman Opportunity Card" Appleseed is keeping this on a need to know basis...  (Read 5127 times)

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Not sure why they are not advertising this from the roof tops but you can now basically  pay for one Appleseed shoot and
then go to as many as you need to for free until you shoot a rifleman score.  This is a no brainer for anyone wanting to train IMOO.

Check out the details!

Rifleman Opportunity Card (ROC).

The purchase of a RWVA membership of any level prior to Nov 30, 2011 in conjunction with paying to attend a two day Appleseed event entitles you to a Rifleman Opportunity Card (ROC). 

It is a card that allows you to participate in the Appleseed program free until your membership card expires or until you shoot a Rifleman's score.  The Shoot Boss will validate your card to make it a ROC, which will let you pre-register free to come back to Appleseed two-day events until your membership card expires or until you qualify for your Rifleman Patch, whichever comes first.

How it works:

1. If you already have a valid RWVA membership, bring your card to a two day event and the Shoot Boss will validate it as a ROC.

2. You may purchase a RWVA membership on-site at the event and the Shoot Boss will validate it as a ROC.

3. If you purchased a RWVA membership when you registered and have not received your membership card yet, print and bring your Eventbrite confirmation and the Shoot Boss will issue you a validation.

4. To use the card, you MUST pre-register for subsequent Appleseeds through Eventbrite, use the "FREE Sat & Sun Active Military, Reserve, and Guard w/ ID, Peace Officers (w/ ID), Disabled (w/ ID), Re-enactors in period dress, Elected officials (w/proof)" choice.

5. Bring your validated card with you to the Appleseed event to be checked at the registration table.  If you do not bring your validated card with you, you will have to pay the full pre-registration fee.  Participants are responsible for payment of any applicable range fees.  Offer does not apply to the fee for a Rifleman Boot Camp.

6. The offer expires when you earn your badge, or when the card expires, whichever comes first. If your one year RWVA membership expires prior to Nov 30, 2011, you may renew your one year membership for $20 and your ROC will renew: just bring your old membership card with the SB validation on it and your SB will validate the new card.

7. This offer available to men, women, youth under 21. So hurry and improve your skills to earn the Badge, and learn some of your country's heritage along the way! And bring friends to learn heritage and marksmanship with you!

Keep practicing until you earn your Rifleman Badge!

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How much is a 2 day Appleseed for guys?

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The price is available on the website but can be hard to find, I had to go into the registration area for the local events to get pricing.   Priceing varies to some extent.

tittiger, The question is legitimate.  No need for that kind of response.  We don't appreciate that kind of attitude on this forum, it is completely unnecessary.


From the website

Appleseed Pricing Information

FREE - Active Military, Reserve, National Guard, and Peace Officers.

$70 - For two full days of instruction*

$45 - Single day*

$10 - Women - A substantial discount over the normal $70 pre-reg fee!

$5 - Youths under 21.

*For pre-registered shooters. Although we encourage pre-registration for events, walk-ons are welcome if space is available on the firing line. Walk-on price is $80/weekend, $50/single day.

Please Note: A small additional range fee may be required for all shooters at some locations. See specific location information for details and directions.

Check the information link to determine if there will be an additional range fee.
Check information link 48 hours prior to the event for any last minute information.
Cancellations: 1 weeks notice is required for refund.
Pre-registration is important. It is important to know this information because Appleseed has to staff events so there is a good student to instructor ratio.
NOTE : Online registration ends 24 hours prior to the event, in order to process paper work. If you miss it, you can still register at the door!
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...tittiger, The question is legitimate.  No need for that kind of response.  We don't appreciate that kind of attitude on this forum, it is completely unnecessary...
In fact, I didn't appreciate it so much that I deleted it.

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This just happened to be the second google result as I searched "appleseed opportunity card", so I figured I'd throw this out there.  The ROC program is no longer available through Appleseed, but they are honoring all existing ROCs.

I was searching for it because I've got a shoot this weekend and was planning on getting an ROC snooze and lose.