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Episode-1133- Listener Calls for 5-17-13


The Survival Podcast
EPISODE:  1133
DATE:         May 17, 2013
TITLE:         Episode-1133- Listener Calls for 5-17-13

[/color]Today on The Survival Podcast I take your calls on storing water, basement wells, cooking, African Sumac, gardening, presidential scandals, investing and more.
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“Revolution is You” by Gregg Yows


Jack Spirko: ... Let us take the next call. I am sorry I had to throw that in there.


Andy: Hi Jack, it is Andy from Temperance Michigan. I have been looking into building a well in my back yard, mostly for watering my garden and thinking about doing that sprinkler on the roof to lower your heating cost. Someone had brought up the idea of putting it in my basement. I am already 8 feet down. Occasionally get water seeping through the basement walls very rarely, and they said it would help with that. However that is the only information I have. I was wondered if you had heard anything about it. The directions I have seen online have all been driving galvanized pile into the ground. Wanted to know if you had any input. Thanks.


Jack Spirko: This is one of those few times where I go, 'Not only am I not sure. I really have no flipping idea at all if that is a good idea.' Putting a well in your basement. I thought to myself, who do I know that might have answer to that. Of course the first person that came to my mind was Steven Harris. He has got an answer here it is.


Steven Harris: Hello Andy from Michigan. This is Steve Harris from the expert panel coming to answer your question about putting a well into your basement. Well, as they say 'That is a deep subject.' There are quite a few people I know that have put wells into there basement. Half the country listening doesn't have basement. In Michigan, my home state, is a state in the northern area where you have lots of basements. Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvanian, all of the northern area you have basements because you have to have foundations that is a little bit more work to put in a full basement and you get twice the room. That is one of the reasons they do it. Wells in basements, generally when people do it they have a higher water table like you. Some water seeps into your basement. When it gets really rainy you probably have a high water table. You have to find out first how away your water is. Your local city will help determine what the water table is bellow you. Generally you don't want to put in a well.  You want to do down 30 or 50 or 60 feet. You don't what to go down 100, 200, 300, or 400 feet to get water. It is also going to be a small diameter well, like 1 inch, 2 inch, or there about. You are going to have to bust a hole in the concrete in the floor. The you are going to have to use your standard well drilling practices to drill that diameter well. I recommend you put it right next to your utility sink. That would be a good place to put it. The other thing is, most of these wells they are not electric Most people put hand pumps on them. That just makes everything simpler in terms of it is sealed at the top automatically, it is using a simple lever and lift mechanism, and it is always working. You know some of these hand pumps, a little bit of work gives you an awful lot of water. It could give you more than enough water that you could using for bathing, more than enough for cooking, It is going to be a clean source of water. It is a pretty good idea. If you want to do that talk to some of the local well companies in your area. Any local well company would be able to tell you how deep the water is as well. They might say, 'I haven't heard of that'. You might find one that open to it and say, 'Yeah we can do that. Or tell you how to do that and put it into your basement.' Don't forget you are going to have to patch the concrete where you have busted it out and drilled your little well. That shouldn't too much of a problem. As far as insurance and liabilities stuff goes, I don't know what that does. You will have to check with your insurance agency. Generally what they don't know won't hurt you. It is not like this thing is going to flood and ruin your basement or anything like that. I would say pretty good idea. Do your research, talk to some well companies. Talk to your city and make sure it is not against code. Well, I don't care about that. You probably don't either. Go for it. In the mean time this is Steven Harris for the expert panel. If you want to hear all my past stuff, as you all know it is at If you missed me, I got a whole new show on my own on first aid at I miss you guys. I am working on a great show for TSP. I will talk to you later.


Jack Spirko: Very well done by Steve as usual. I think you guys are really going to be surprised when you find out what the next project he is working on to show case on TSP for you guys is. With that let's go ahead and take another call.



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