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How to decide between TYT and Puxing?


Hi Rob,

How does a complete noob decided between the TYT and the Puxing? I am a closet nerd and I LOVE my toys, but this will be my first "big boy" radio.

The Puxing PX-777+ is a VHF hand held transceiver. It covers 136-174 MHz which includes the 2 meter ham band, NOAA weather broadcasts and VHF public safety bands.

The TYT TH-UVF1 is a VHF/UHF hand held transceiver. It covers 136-174 MHz and 400-470 MHz which includes the above services as well as the 440 ham band and UHF public safety bands. This radio will "dual watch" which means it can monitor two frequencies (V/V, V/U, or U/U) simultaneously when not scanning.

Both radios will cover the MURS band and the TYT will cover the FRS/GMRS bands. Neither radio has FCC Part 95 certifications for those bands although they are Part 90 certified (public safety, commercial, etc.). The features of both radios are similar - keypad or software programmable, voice inversion scrambler, etc.

If you need both VHF and UHF, then the TYT is the way to go. If you only need a VHF then the Puxing will do fine.

- Rob


Are both radios certified for ham radio use?  This could be a good solution for a public service radio for use in Search An Rescue (SAR) and ham radio.


Hi Jim,

They are perfectly legal for ham use because they are Part 90 certified. Any radio that meets Part 97 regulations can be used for ham radio. These radios do meet those specifications and there is no need for certification on the ham bands.

- Rob


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