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MURS Alert Tranmitter Question

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I have a few questions on your MURS alert transmitter-

How long to the AA batteries work?

Is there a provision for external power?

If so, what voltage does it require?

I am interested, but want to wire it up for solar or AC power with a battery backup, having to keep swapping AA batteries out is a no-go for my use.

Anybody know?
Transmitter batteries should last about a year.


--- Quote from: on November 27, 2010, 10:09:01 AM ---Transmitter batteries should last about a year.

--- End quote ---


That sounds a lot better than the battery life I was expecting.

Found this topic by just browsing but to awnser your question the six AA batteries will last about six months on moderate usage, ie. like a driveway alarm. after that the start to die out and it will trigger false alarms and the speech gets slow and starts to slur. The ones that i have on heavy traffic lasted about a month like on trigger every hour. As right now an AC adapter dosent exsist that I know of but have made one using a standard radio charger pack that is suitable for the input voltage for the transmitter and hard wired too it I also have made one with rechargable batteries and a small solar plate to recharge no problems yet.


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