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Yipee!  @@@@@@ - that's not the "at" sign - it's me doing cartwheels (well the only way I can but excited!!)

Thanks for all your hard work SW - I'm sure (please note the sarcasm) that you needed one more thing to do the week before Christmas plus standing in line at the PO will be great fun.  Bless you girl for the extra effort. 

Sister Wolf:

--- Quote from: TwoBluesMama on December 16, 2009, 02:57:09 PM ---Yipee!  @@@@@@ - that's not the "at" sign - it's me doing cartwheels (well the only way I can but excited!!)

--- End quote ---

LOLOLOLOLOLOL  omg, I about fell out of my chair reading that.  Cartwheels.  *snorts*  Too funny!

I printed out the postage for some of these, then ran out of envelopes (dang it - i never have enough envelopes ::) ).  I'll run over to the post office right now and get the rest of what I need, and send these little caps on their way.  TBM, yer gonna LOVE these.  They're really, really pretty.  And the buckles on the back (where they're adjustable) are honestly the nicest I think I've ever seen on a hat.

Sister Wolf:

All I want for Christmas is my anty hat, my anty hat, my anty hat...

and it looks like I'll get my wish if the USPO does it's job (SW did hers!).  Yipee - still can't wait!

(Maybe I should rewrite this because it makes my life look sort of pathetic but oh well - I'm an ant and I don't care what others think because well I'm an ant.  And no I have not been in the egg nog! DH had surgery yesterday and I'm living on about 3 hours of sleep.  Wo-hoo! Time for some egg nog now!)

Sister Wolf:
surgery??!!!  *makes an extra super duper egg nog for mama*  we'll keep him in our prayers.


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