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Hi Everybody,

I have a rifle that I would like to sell but have not done so before.  Is the best way to do so on a website like  Are there local forums (for me in New Hampshire) that would be good to use as an alternative?  Thanks for any advice.

- Aaron

What are you selling?


--- Quote from: evh on January 08, 2019, 08:47:37 AM ---What are you selling?

--- End quote ---

It's a Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic 22-250 bolt-action rifle.

I Googled it, nice rifle.

One of the frustrating things to me about firearms is the inability to easily buy and sell as you choose.  I enjoy selling my own items and it is tough with firearms.

Smurf Hunter:
I do miss being able to conduct private face to face transactions in my state...


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