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Advice for building up gun inventory

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So you mentioned that you don't own a handgun. Well they are good for more than just the Zombie apocalypse. It's a very different skill set that other types of shooting. And it's a skill that you and your family should be familiar with. Even if you don't want a handgun for defense, which I would encourage. You may look at a heritage rough rider. $150 bucks or less. Great handgun to learn on. .22 LR and or .22 mag. You may find that you and the kids really enjoy hand gunning.

Next I'll address Guns as an investment. Well they can be a great one if it's done right. You may look at the surplus market. Many times a model will be imported in abundance and the price will be cheap but the supply dries up and they jump in price case in point. SKS $79 now $300 or more. Same with M1 carbine $99 now 700 or more. Swedish mouser Ect.... Now you may look at some of the French rifles and good old Mosins

Hope this helps.
Thanks and GOD bless!

spend some time on youtube if you see a gun you like do some research before buying. i like the nutnfancy and hickock45.but their  are others.
ar15 style/ or semi auto rifle clip feed. semi auto shotgun. glock 17.
buy my guns from local dealers because you have to pass background check.but they can order from websites. get to know them.
have fun.

Are you on Grandaddys gun club?

If you really want an opinion.....

Have a goal in mind.  What would good look like for you?  Based on your broad goal do a ton of research, which is the fun part, and fill in the broad goal to be more specific.  Detail as specifically as possible.  Buy ammo for the firearms you currently own when you feel like it and it is in your budget.  When you buy a firearm make sure you consider 1,000 rounds to purchase for that firearm and any accessories like magazines.  After you buy the bulk ammo buy a box at Wal-Mart when it is convenient or other local shop. 

Don't blow your budget and make sure your other preps are building in-line with your firearm purchases.  All the guns and ammo won't replace food, or a garden, or a bug out bag, or first aid training, etc.

mgw 44

BTW I've bought my last three from Gander Mountain.  I may get criticism but for the normal consumer they seem like the most helpful and non-judgmental in my area.  Plus if their prices are higher they will price match and they have supported me after the purchase.



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