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Once you are happy with your choices for hunting rifle, battle rifle, shotgun, or whatever, buy more of the exact same thing.
This gives you less sizes of ammo to stock, and easier spare parts stocking.

number 1 listen to all above, there is some great advice there.

To add my 2Cents.
Look at your situation.  What are your interests, your spouse's then look at your defense needs.  If you start with sport, but look at the dual usage for defense.  You indicated sporting clays stat there find a good dual purpose shotgun.  I would recommend a simi auto for that as they go with doubles and I tend to fight the racking of the slide of my 870 (pump by Remington) more than recoil.  My wife has a Mossberg 930 that is nice.  To go with your shotgun get a second barrel (1/2 the price of a second gun) for defense.  I would recommend a 18 1/2in cylinder bore and rifle sights are a great plus, but they can be pricy compared to a bead.  Now your sport gun is also your home defense gun.  As indicated above grab a box of shells when you can or find a deal.  BTW here in Ohio November is a great time to buy shotgun shells.

Next look at your living situation.  Think not zombie hoards but perhaps roving looters.  What would happen if the power was out for 2 weeks. Would you see them coming, or are there houses and other properties all inside of 30 yards.  If that is the case you are covered with the shotgun.  If not then perhaps you need something with more legs (as in an AR or AK) or can your hunting rifle do the job.  If you are city bound, as I am, then I would recommend you go to the handgun so you can keep it close.

If you know some one with something on your short list I would recommend you approach them about trying them.  Most gunfoke are happy to share most items.  I can also say that that may open you up to a person to person sale.  I can say that worked for me.  I found out a coworker had a 9mm I was interest in.  I asked if I could buy a box of ammo and take him to the range if he would let me shoot it.  He called me two weeks later and asked if I wanted to buy it for about 1/2 price.  I jumped at it and never looked back.  It turned out we were both happy.  He did not like it and the trade in they offered was insulting.  I paid better than the trade in and got it for 1/2 price.

Canadian Prepper:
Just a couple of thoughts on this thread, that are essentially in agreement with previous posters.

Now might be a good time to pick up a basic, no frills AR like the Smith and Wesson M&P 15 Sport or something similar. I understand that the prices are reasonable right now and such a rifle has much to recommend it, especially for a family where the wife and kids want to shoot as it has light recoil and adjustable ergonomics to suit everyone. Make sure to pick up several magazines, and perhaps add some suitable optics that would compliment your ordinary range or hunting use. Should things turn sour politically in the coming months, you might see at the very least a steep rise in prices or lack of availability, and perhaps lose the chance to buy one if an AWB ever passes, so now is a good time to buy. There's some considerations when choosing between the various ARs like what barrel twist rate will work best with the bullets you'll be shooting, so just make a point of asking or researching that a bit further if you decide to go down that route.

I currently live in a place where CCW isn't an option and for all practical purposes crime is so low that the chance of needing it is infinitesimally small, but I would certainly get a handgun and carry permit if I lived in the US, even in an area where it might not seem needed at the moment. Learning to effectively shoot and use handguns is a very different skill from other forms of shooting, and should the political and economic situation change much or you have to move to a less desirable area, it would be best to be prepared both skill and equipment wise to deal with it.


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