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Switching from a dominant right eye to a left eye shooter?

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Shooting pistol right handed/left eye can be done with practice and if you shoot both eyes open it gets a little easier and the. Just do dry fire practice a bunch with your left hand for rifle. I have been doing it for years. A very patient instructor taught me. It took some work but no problem now.

Jack Crabb:
Depends upon what you are shooting. A lot of bullseye shooting disciplines include eye patches or occluders as standard shooting gear/attire for the nonshooting eye.

For defensive pistol shooting, both eyes open is preferred. Why limit one's field of vision by half in a dangerous situation? Vision should focus on the front sight with one (if necessary) or both (preferred) eyes. Shooting right or left handed with either eye dominant is a small shift in presentation of the handgun if using an isosceles stance.

Long guns are more problematic. The drop of the comb of the stock with proper cheek weld (or sight height for an AR-type design) is designed to place the eye on the side the gun is mounted in line with sights. There are specially carved wooden stocks to allow cross shooting, i.e., using the eye of the side the gun is not mounted. These seemed to be frequently used for trap and skeet shooters in the 1950's and 1960's for wounded/disabled WWII vets.

I recently started practicing shooting long guns as a lefty. To help with the process, I am using a Trijicon Reflex sight. I expect that any forward mounted red dot sight would work as well. The idea with these sights is to focus your vision on the target and then superimpose the dot into your field of view. Being on a long gun, only the eye on the side the gun is mounted will see the dot. Your brain will join together what each eye is seeing.

I feel you have missed the point of the OP.

His right eye is rendered useless.

He does not have a full field of view, focus, or a choice.

For the pistol one might try something like this:

It is an advanced fiber optic and a couple of my friends have been using them on both pistol and shotgun.  It works as well with one eye as with both from what I have seen.

Yes, right eye basically useless.

I do like all the ideas that have been suggested.

I am left handed and lost sight in my left eye 7 years ago.  Covering the right eye will do the trick. You just have to shoot a lot.  To downside is that it takes a little time to make the switch, the upside is lots of range time!  At the same time, your brain will usually make its own transition.  Just have some fun with it, that is how I made the switch.


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