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Switching from a dominant right eye to a left eye shooter?

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CR Williams:
Also see if tilting the gun so that it lines the (angled) sights up with the left eye does the trick. I suggest this for right-hand/left-eye shooters as a starting point. It also aligns the hand and forearm more in a natural position which could help with recoil management and recovery.


--- Quote from: JustinBoots on August 25, 2015, 08:43:17 PM ---I am left handed and lost sight in my left eye 7 years ago.  Covering the right eye will do the trick. You just have to shoot a lot.  To downside is that it takes a little time to make the switch, the upside is lots of range time!  At the same time, your brain will usually make its own transition.  Just have some fun with it, that is how I made the switch.

--- End quote ---

Finally got to the point I could go to the range and shoot without feeling like my eye would pop!  I have more surgery to do on the right eye, but it is suppose to help preserve my vision.

I can see the rear sight and front sight (not at the same time), but can not see the target with my right eye.  Way too dark and blurry.  So I think a red dot would be useless with my right eye.  I can use a scope, but I bet on a less than 100% sunshine day I would not be able to.

So, I tried some left eye shooting.  I was shooting through a chrono and left eye shooting was very scary, but do able.  I kept thinking I would hit the chrono.  I will need lots of practice.  I usually shoot two eyes open, so covering the right eye may be what I need to do to keep from always going to right eye first.  (I was shooting through the chrono to test out some 300 blackout that was suppose to be subsonic, but ended up over 1100 fps every time.  I didn't have the time to take the chrono down since the place was packed with shooters and going downrange was limited.)


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