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Switching from a dominant right eye to a left eye shooter?

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My dominant right eye is probably not going to be useful for much any more.

I think I want to keep shooting right handed, with pistol and long gun.  I can not at the current time shoot, I have maybe a month or so before I can do any shooting "sports."

Is there any information out there on drills, etc. for people who are forced to switch from right eye dominant shooting to left eye shooting.  My left eye is still 100%.   Anyone on the forum ever been forced to do this?

Or, would I be better trying to switch to being a lefty for everything.  I once broke by right hand and got pretty good at left handing most everything, but I was a teenager at the time.

I am a left-eye, right-hand dominant person. I don't know if I went about it the right way, but I just make myself do both, and so I can do both. You might just 'make' yourself do the way you think you are going to have to.


My oldest son and daughter are also right hand left eye.  Lots of dry firing weapons manipulation to run the guns lefty. Doing the mag change with your strong hand has definite advantages!

Eye dominance switching is tougher, but can be done.  Lazy eye exercises are a good place to start looking.

It is much easier to shoot with a non dominate eye if you cover the dominate eye. Placing a piece of scotch tape on the safety lens of the eye you don't want to use is a good way to start switching eyes.  You need the frosted kind so you can't focus with the covered eye.  The tape lets lots of light in so you don't develop problems from having one eye in the dark too long.   With lots of practice you will no longer need the tape.

David in MN:
Start writing your name 10 times daily with the non-dominant hand. It builds dexterity and may even have cognitive benefits. If you intend to switch hands you need the weak hand "brought up to speed" which can take a few weeks. I'd also recommend dexterity work like piano or juggling.

Shooting a pistol right handed with your left eye can be done but you might look a little off as you lean your head on your right shoulder. Given time and dexterity exercises you might find you prefer to switch to the left. I've found a red dot lets my weak eye focus on a rifle.

FWIW I'm cross dominant and it only really gums me up with a shotgun. Skeet is the toughest.


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