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Used Marlin Model 60: Worth $100?

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Yup,  i'm w/ it.   If they will take it back if you have a problem, what can you lose?    If the scope isn't on it now, just use the iron sights to make your assessments at the range.   The scope is just another variable to go wrong during your first test drive.  Put the scope on later and zero it in.   If it holds, even better, if not you still got a nice gun at a good price.

There are a lot of Marlin 60's out there, minor problems will be cheaply corrected.

Your comment about the chamber showing signs of wear is the only thing that would concern me, but his money back guarantee negates that (get it in writing). 

I guarantee that the $20 scope will make your $100 rifle worthless.  Forget the scope, buy the rifle, find a quality scope somewhere else. 

Thanks for the input this far everyone, feel free to keep chiming in!

Nelson96- you mentioned that the scope is a bad investment. I believe you, but about how much would I need to spend on a "quality" scope?

It seems like I bought my Marlin 60 for $100 just a few years ago. I would check for new ones first to see what the prices are in your area now. a used one should e cheaper and a cheap scope really does not add value to it.

Pilgrim- I think you're right. Dick's Sporting Goods has them online for 170, and I'm going to see if they have any in stock right now. If I can buy some gift cards at a discounted price and find a coupon, 150 is easily within reach. An old one for $90 doesn't seem like quite the deal it did when a new one is attainable for 150ish.



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