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Used Marlin Model 60: Worth $100?

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Went to DSG, no model 60s get stocked there ever. The only semiautomatic they had was a Remington with a synth stock and a 3-9 scope for $220. I'm thinking the pawn shop Model 60 is going to end up being my best bet.


--- Quote from: TooMuchGlass on January 19, 2013, 01:55:13 PM ---Nelson96- you mentioned that the scope is a bad investment. I believe you, but about how much would I need to spend on a "quality" scope?
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There are endless choices depending on your application.  I could not begin to make a recommendation, and a corresponding budget, without knowing much more.  But, IMO optics are the single most important part of a rifle (depending on its intended use of course) and will typically cost more than the rifle.  I will add that quality scope mounts are very important as well.

I have certainly used inferior optics in the past and was successful in doing so.  My budget (and probably yours) dictated at the time what choices I had.  That said, you get what you pay for when you find one for $20 or less.


--- Quote from: TooMuchGlass on January 19, 2013, 04:53:49 PM ---Went to DSG, no model 60s get stocked there ever. The only semiautomatic they had was a Remington with a synth stock and a 3-9 scope for $220. I'm thinking the pawn shop Model 60 is going to end up being my best bet.

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It's good to shop around like you did.  I guess the prices have really gone up in just a few years since I bought one.  I checked Marlin's website and they list MSRP at $196.95. So $150 would be a decent price at a retailer. And I would agree if the rifle is in very good condition (clean, not pitted bore, no rust or heavy wear on the outside) then $100 is fair for the rifle with our without the scope. The nice thing about .22LR is you can't wear out the bore by shooting, they last for ever if not damaged by a cleaning rod. 

Look especially at the muzzle crown.  Does the bore end in nice clean sharp circle at the crown (usually either an angled end at muzzle, or rounded inward or recessed)?  Or are there indications a cleaning rod has been dragged repeatedly against the edges of the crown and worn it?  The crown is where the bullet last touches the bore, and if it is uneven by sloppy use fo the cleaning rod then it can significantly affect accuracy.  There are too many well cared for .22LR out therre you will come across to settle for one ause by a cleaning rod.


--- Quote from: TooMuchGlass on January 19, 2013, 03:43:52 PM --- If I can buy some gift cards at a discounted price and find a coupon, 150 is easily within reach. An old one for $90 doesn't seem like quite the deal it did when a new one is attainable for 150ish.


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If your budget is $150ish, you should definitely look at a Marlin 795.  Very similar to the Marlin 60 but with detachable magazines.  This would make for a better trainer rifle as you can learn mag changes. You can easily add a scope or tech sights to it. It also comes out of the box with sling swivel studs so you can learn proper sling use.  See here for an example of the marlin set up as a trainer: and here is a good review by nutnfancy:
They have occasionally been $100 on sale at Dick's after a $25 mail in rebate.  But with the demand for semi-autos, the rebate may be a thing of the past.  You should still be able to find them for around $150, however. 

Nelson96- I really don't know what exactly I'm going to find myself doing with this gun. As of now my priorities are-
1. Learning the basics
2. Range practice/fun
3. Hunting squirrel, rabbit

I just figured throwing a cheap scope on the gun would get me used to looking through a scope and some magnification would help with seeing a target at say 100 yards. Still, 20 bucks is 20 bucks- if it isn't gonna be helpful to me, I don't want it. Thanks for your advice.  :)

NWPilgrim- I'll check out the muzzle crown when I see the gun again- thanks for the heads up. There have been a few other .22's I have looked at, but none seem to be quite this good of a deal. Most are 150 bucks and bolt-action. If I found one that was left-handed bolt-action I'd probably spring for it, but otherwise I think this one will do me just fine. Also, thanks for going the extra mile for me and checking out Marlin's website.

Also, I'm curious- does your Mod 60 have the 14 or 18 round magazine? I saw another at a different pawn shop that I'm pretty sure was the 18 rounder and it had a nice looking (to someone who doesn't know crap about them) scope on it, but that thing was like $180. Not unreasonable, but I'm not sure I wanna do it when I could have 2 .22s for that kind of money. But let's face it- you could probably talk me into it. :-\ :-\

Liberty-I looked for those, and they didn't have any. Thanks for the heads up though- that definitely looks like a good option.


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