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Shotgun NOOB; question about chokes

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T Kehl:

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I'd rather look dumb here than pay for being dumb at the gun counter.   ;)

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We only charge 1/4 of what they charge at the gun counter Twk187s <grin>.  Where do we send the bill?  And BTW, WELCOME to the group!

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Put in on my tab please.  I'll promise I'll pay it forward.   :D

Thanks for the recommendation!  I haven't bought yet, but there is a gun show in town next weekend.  It seems like a lot of people think the 870 is a good value for the money, especially with the $50 add tube extender.

What is a good choke for shooting trap?  This will primarily be a turkey gun, mostly live, but I'd be pretty happy to take home the frozen bird trophy as well. 

If the shotgun you pick up at the show is a fixed choke, then you can get a poly choke.   That is a choke that mounts to the outside of the barrel and allows you  to choose the amount of restriction by twisting it.   They are not all that popular because they can affect patterning.

If you are hunting turkeys, the best choke is an aftermarket turkey choke.  Next best is your standard full choke tube.   For trap i like to go with a modified, or improved modified.

Hope this helps, happy hunting


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