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Shotgun NOOB; question about chokes

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T Kehl:
1.  Do all shotguns come capable of changing chokes or just some? 
2.  Is this something a gunsmith can do if not included?
3.  Does the Remington 870 Express allow for choke changes by default, or is is special order?

This seems to be something so well known in the shotgun community it is not documented in my Google searches.  Guess I should have spent more time in 4-H around the trap shooters rather than the rifle squad and the powder-heads.   ;D

1.  Just some, although most made in the last 15 or 20 years do come with changable chokes.
2.  A fixed choke shotgun can be modified to take choke tubes.  Briley (sp?) is well known for this.  The last time I checked it cost between 2 and 3 hundred.  You can also buy newer choke tubed barrels for many older shotguns.  I did this for a Remmington 1100.
3.  The 870 Express does have a choke tubed barrel, but it (at least last time I looked) only came with one tube.  You had buy the others if you wanted them.

Hope this helps.


T Kehl:
Thanks a bunch!!!!!

I'd rather look dumb here than pay for being dumb at the gun counter.   ;)

There are no dumb questions. 


--- Quote from: twk178s on January 18, 2009, 04:48:38 PM ---Thanks a bunch!!!!!

I'd rather look dumb here than pay for being dumb at the gun counter.   ;)

--- End quote ---

We only charge 1/4 of what they charge at the gun counter Twk187s <grin>.  Where do we send the bill?  And BTW, WELCOME to the group!

Most "new" shotguns these days come with removable/interchangeable choke tube barrels, well, at least the "hunting" versions.  Mossberg (I think) offers a "Slugster" model that is designed primarily for shooting solid slugs and it comes with a non-choked barrel.  I don't know about the the likes of the "defensive" line of factory short barreled shotguns like the Mossberg 500 "D" Defender with the 18.5 barrel and factory pistol grip.  I'm sure they are choked, either "cylinder" or "improved cylinder" non-removable.  eBay is a great source for cheap replacement barrels for shotguns.  I have a Mossberg 500 with a 28" barrel that I got a factory 18.5" for on eBay so I can use it for close-in work or maximize my chances hunting. 

If you haven't bought one yet...  I recommend the Remington 870 over the Mossberg 500 because you can not get a magazine extension for the Mossberg 500's.



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