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Where is a good place to buy ammo?

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Spamity Calamity:
I just realized I only have like 40 rounds of ammo for my AR-15 and even less for my other guns. I need to have a bit more. I know ammo is ridiculously expensive these days but where is a good place on the internet that has the best deals for .5.56 (.223) , 7.62x39MM and 12 gauge ammunition?

Side Question: Im curious how much ammunition people consider to be "enough"?

My numbers are arbitrary - but I have 1,000 for each caliber and a couple thousand extra .22LR b/c they are so cheap.  Sportsman's Guide has a website that has some cheap ammo - but I have noticed (within the last two days) that more than one website is out of stock on .223/ 5.56.  Wal-Mart has 50 round boxes of .223 for $23.99 (as of last night).

I know that because of the Obama Scare alot of ammo has become harder to obtain or is backordered online. Most of these sites will have this listed on their home page if this is the case. Ammo usually is about the same no matter where you go. I know that Cheaper than Dirt has good prices on ammo sometimes. However, I found 9mm ammo at Wal-Mart for around 8 dollars for 50 rounds. I think the brand was Blaster or something like that. I would have to go and look.

Also...enough ammo? Well I think it largely depends on who you are and what you think your likely survival scenario will entail. For instance, I currently have around 400 rounds of 9mm with about 20 home defense rounds. Yet, I have heard this amount of ammo referred to as a 'cache' or 'stockpiling' ammo. I think I do not have enough. However, this is purely from a hunting perspective. I do not think I will have to fight of roving hoards of people. I think I will need bullets to catch some meat for food.

Of course I have other ammo for my shotgun and such...

It also depends on if you are bugging out or bugging in. Carrying all that lead is going to get heavy.

Its pretty much a situational thing.

I have had good luck getting my 7.62x54R from Aim Surplus. They were carrying 5.56 but were out.
I just got some 7.62x39 from Sportsmans Guide, and with the coupon they offered for over such a price, it knocked off most of the shipping. Worth looking into.

I have about 1000 rounds of 7.62x54R, 600+rounds of 7.62x39, 300 or so 8mm, and lots of components to keep me reloading for a long time.
If I find a good price, and have the money, I order some.
I dont have an AR, and probably wont end up with one, so I will make do with what ammo I have.




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