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Fritz's garden 2020

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Third day, not a huge impact.  I did take down most of a huge thorn bush and several trees, before I had chainsaw issues.

Wife suggested that since the garden beds are nicely defined, we could just redo the beds.  The soil in them is great, I filled the boxes with straight compost, so it's good stuff.  I may do that this year so I can continue working the area throughout the season.

Good to see someone else gardening.
Our cleanup is hampered today due to rain again.Wife did get some carrots and lettuce planted in a raised bed yesterday.

New update.  I didn't get a lot of work done on the garden this week.  I was hoping to get the trees pulled out, but the rain and wind kept me in the house more than I wanted to be.

However, back in the Fall, I picked up a tow behind tiller off of Craigslist.  Great deal, but it hadn't been run for about 3 years.  I cleaned it up and today ran it in the garden for the first time.  It really saved physical effort, but did not cut down all that much time.  The first tilling took me over 2 hours.

Here's the start of the tilling.  Can really see the previous garden beds.

And here's the garden after the first tilling session.  Still can see the previous garden beds.  I was able to really break up the ground, but I need to hit the whole thing with a rake to level it all out.  Then hit it with the tiller again.

My work is on a split schedule for COVID-19.  Last week was my "off" week.  Tomorrow I go back to work.

Looking good, Fritz. Love those flowering trees...

Right pink one is a crab apple.  Left I don't know.  Little white ones are native plums.

I absolutely love this Magnolia in my side yard.  A shame it can't look like this all year, but it's good for about 2 weeks a year.


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