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Fritz's garden 2020

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A small affordable chipper would be nice for those times.
I've often thought of getting one.


--- Quote from: Stwood on April 22, 2020, 03:13:45 PM ---A small affordable chipper would be nice for those times.
I've often thought of getting one.

--- End quote ---
I've thought of it, but in all honesty, I doubt I'd use it.  My wife wants mulch on a lot of stuff, but seems to think that buying bags of it from Home Depot is the only way to get quality mulch.  I picked up a trailer load of mulch from a "forestry products" place in town and spread it over the 1 flower garden.  When thistle popped up 2 months later she came to the conclusion that it must have been that mulch, not that she hadn't weeded her flower garden for those 2 months.

A chipper is on our wishlist... I'd like to use all that tree debris for composting.

Yes. I've got enough limbs out back from cutting 12 cords of wood to have mulch for a couple of years. Just need a chipper.

We've had a lot of rain, so I have to wait for some things.  In my area, most of my planting is in May.  I didn't do any cold weather crops since I really didn't think I'd be ready for them.

It certainly doesn't look like I did a lot of work, but my back says otherwise.  I laid out the 3 long rows, they are about 50' long.  I raked 2 of them into a hill, but my back couldn't handle the 3rd.

Just a shot of the mounded rows.

From a different angle.

I should end up with 3 more rows that are about 35' and 3 that are just 20'.  I'll make the garden bigger next year, but can't do that this year.  It will be about 65' long by about 30'.  I'm not sure exactly what I'll do to take out the grass, but am thinking  of using plastic over it to kill off the grass.  I think it's called solarizing, but not sure.


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