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Fritz's garden 2020

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Looks good, Fritz. Looks like nice soil...

Yes. You have any rocks?

This area was the area that the previous owner had his garden.  I still have to pull rocks, but not all that many.  Just about all the rocks are soap stone.

As for the soil, when we moved in 10 years ago, I built 16 beds.  I filled them with compost from the county yard waste recycle center.  So that's why the soil is so dark.  I plan on putting down a couple of yards of compost each year and tilling it in.


Clean up continues.  Garden itself is looking good, but still have all the trees and stuff I've taken out.  I've made 3 trips to the yard waste facility so far.  This trailer is #4 and there's at least 1 trailer worth of debris to take.

But boy are my muscles sore.  Lots of work.


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