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Fritz's garden 2020

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Back to my "off" week.  Got home last night and dug out a couple of the trees in the garden.  Then got chased out by the rain.  Today I was going to keep working the garden, but it was too muddy in the morning and by afternoon it got really windy.  I can deal with cold, I can deal with hot.  I can't deal with wet or windy, today was both.

Just a shot of what I'm dealing with.  My own fault, I should not have skipped keeping the garden producing..

Mmmm yea......a backhoe in there would make that easy.
Your manual hoe takes more effort

Yeah, I could as my neighbor to pull these out with either his FEL or his skid steer, but I like to keep my requests to the minimum.  He already plows the 500' shared driveway and had moved 5 ton of stone for me.  These just take some back work.

He absolutely would do it for me, but I don't want to abuse the friendship.

He's also told me that I can use his tractors and skid steer, but that's not gear that I'm comfortable borrowing.


Understand that.  8)

I have a rancher neighbor who owns property in front and behind us that I request his use of one of his tractors sometimes, mainly to lift/load something.
I return the favors by loaning tools, or working on something. Last year I helped him with rebuilding a hyd cylinder.

Works out well. He's plowed our garden, I've disked/tilled his garden.
They bring over lettuce, we throw back zucchini's....tomatoes....... ;D

Well the trees have all been dug out and I tilled the garden.  There's lots of debris in the soil, so I'll need to do a bunch of raking.  I will likely till it once more before I plant.  Since I let it go for as long as I did, there's lots of roots all throughout.  I also have to get it broken up a little more.

My wife worked her butt off taking down all the crap growing up through the fence.

Here's the trees that I dug out.

And a couple of shots of the tilled garden.

A different angle.


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